Agreement English To Filipino Translation

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I am a good translator of Tagalog in English. I can use the exact meaning of certain words, phrases or title phrases says it all. Advanced translation for readership purposes and anything that can be asked In need of tagalog / Filipino English translation? or vice versa? You have received it, for all the questions you need. I lived a few years in the Philippines and I can speak fluent Tagalog. SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: I/WE, (Name of owner or landlord, marital status (married or single) and (insert address) attached, constitution and appointment (lawyer`s name/s) Filipino, legal age and address at address (lawyer`s address) as our lawyer-in-fact/s and agent, for and on our behalf, place and place, in order to do and do the following deeds and things, to say: 1. to sell, yield, transfer and arbitrate on these terms, which are acceptable to our lawyer, all our rights, interests and our property on the land or any part of it, as well as the improvements that there (if applicable), covered by the establishment of the tax return number or the transfer certificate of title no (applicable) issued by the province of Ibaan (register of certificates or municipal appraisers`) , whose head office in Catandala, Ibaan, Batangas, with a total area of (spill square meter), more or less (“property”), of which we are the absolute and registered owners/co-owners, to sign the absolute deeds of sale and all other deeds, documents, documents and writings, including sales and contract agreements, to make such a sale, transfer, transfer and transmission, provide the purchaser or purchaser with the duplicate of the certificate of transfer of title no. (or insert tax return No.) and take all necessary or desirable measures for all types of property, including the subdivision of the property into several parcels, as our lawyer deemed appropriate; 2. establish, sign, sign, export and transmit these declarations, declarations, documents, documents, documents or documents under oath of any kind necessary to process and obtain the necessary authorizations for the sale, transfer, transfer and transfer of the above-approved assets; 3. this person/who must process, on behalf of the purchaser or purchaser, the transfer of the certificate of ownership and the declaration of income tax on the estate; payment of all applicable taxes necessary for this transfer, as well as obtaining tax statements and certificates, including certificates authorizing registration and release by the relevant Financial District Office office of the Internal Revenue Office and DAR in connection with the transfer of the certificate of ownership and declaration of assets in connection with the sale, transfer, transfer and transfer of the assets authorized above, as well as the execution of proxies or proxies for this purpose; 4) to authorize the buyer or buyer or agent to obtain from the register of documents for the province of Ibaan and the competent municipal or provincial assessment board the new certificate (s) of transfer of ownership or declaration (s) of ownership resulting from the sale, transport, transfer and transfer of the above authorized property; and five.

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