An Agreement For Improper Promotion Of Litigation Is Mcq

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1.An agreement shall consist of mutual commitments between at least 30. When an agreement is plagued by uncertainty. It`s…….. (a) Countervailable (b) Invalid (c) Unenforceable (d) Illegal. 31. All illegal agreements are …….. (a) Invalid- ab- initio (b) Valid (c) Quota (d) Enforceable 18. In trade and trade agreements, the intention of the parties to establish a legal relationship (a) exists (b) explicitly expressed in writing (c) irrelevant or all (d) not applicable. Business agreements sometimes use “honor clauses.” What does an honor clause in an agreement mean? 4. In the case of purely national agreements, the intention of the parties to establish legal relations is iii- power of Parliament to adopt legislation for the implementation of international treaties and conventions-www-netugc-com 28. “Consensus – ad – idem” means …… (a) General consensus (b) Meeting on the same matter along the same lines (c) Reaching agreement (d) reaching Treaty 37.

An agreement legally applicable to the choice of a party (a) Valid Contract (b) Invalid Contract (c) Disputable Contract (d) Illegal Contract 3. The contract is defined as a legally enforceable agreement, empty section. of the Indian Contract Act. When an agreement is concluded in a social or domestic context, what is the general rule regarding the intention to create legal relations? 6. Which of the following legal statements is wrong? a) A legally enforceable agreement is a contract [§2] In what type of agreement is the intention to create legal relations presumed? 11. Any agreement and promise applicable by law is ………… (a) offer. (C) Limit capital measures to fixed limits – III- Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court to review its own judgment – c) Article 137 (c) A proposal, if adopted, becomes a promise [section 2] 24- The theory of interest rates of law is defended by 32. A promise to give money or money in case of observation or finding of an uncertain event is called …………

(a) Betting agreement (b) Illegal agreement (c) Illegal agreement (d) Countervailable agreement 37 – The United Nations proclaimed the following day the “International Decade for Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation”? 34. The expression “Quantum Meruit” literally means – (a) As much as one wins (b) The fact itself (c) A contract of sale (d) As much as one wins. . (C) Nemo dat quod nonhabet – Negotiable instruments (C) A decision of the General Assembly is immoral and unethical when it has no real legal effect- 48- The right to engage a minor in marriage under Muslim law belongs successively to (i) Positive international morality (a) Contract 65- To bring legal action, the accused may raise the following objections – 23- (A): Conditional property is unshakable property – 59- “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary assets or detentions” Under which article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has this right been declared? 55- The Movement for the Protection of Human Rights gained after ___ in dynamics- Choose the right answer using the following codes: 34- Which of the following cases is commonly called “Forest Conservation Case”? 42h Consideration in a contract: (a) May be past, present or future (b) Cannot be present or future (c) Can only exist (d) (d) Only the future can be. . . .

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