Why The Republican Field is So Crowded

By stancutler,

The Clintons have earned over $125 million dollars in speaker fees and book royalties since 2001. That kind of earning power is what most of these fake Presidential wannabes are about. The amount of lucre flowing through American politics is obscene. Yes, there are issues aplenty, but the biggest issue is money itself.

The candidates for the Republican Party nomination are professional speakers on the tour. Few of them have any expectation of obtaining but a few primary election votes. Once you’re mentioned at the Presidential level, you get to fly around in jet planes, get driven in limousines, and get paid in name-recognition points which you hope to leverage into paid book deals and speaking fees after the campaign – but the campaign itself is a marketing tool. The products being marketed are the candidates.

Sure, they’re sincere – they speak the truth as they understand it. But most of them have no hope whatsoever of winning the nomination, and they know it. They’re on the tour because it pays for them to be named as a contenders for the Party nomination. Politics is their career.