Ca Wic Vendor Agreement

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Q: How difficult is it for suppliers to update UPC on a daily basis? A: This is a simple process for suppliers, provided they have a dedicated phone connection or broadband. The POS system automatically downloads the new APL (Approved Products List) file. The file is injected into the manufacturer`s POS system to cross-reference with the store`s item file. Q: Do I use the same equipment for eWIC as I did for SNAP EBT? A: If you are currently using a stand-beside terminal for SNAP EBT processing, do not use the same devices you currently use to process eWIC. Details and options on stand-beside eWIC terminals will be sent to suppliers from August 2019. Q: Will the food allowed to the WIC change? A: Yes. We will add authorized wic foods. Lenders will be informed of the details of these supplements in early July. Our goal is to add authorized wic foods that are already present in stores (for example. B more brands of juice, cereals and infant food). The Hawaii Wic Food Selection Committee has visited many Hawaiian wic stores and the new licensed FOOD WICs are based on items already in stock.

The challenge will be to train the cashier and staff to be ready to see wiC participants who buy different food brands. A new food list will be printed and sent to all WIC suppliers in Hawaii before officially adding new foods. In addition, minimum storage requirements are updated to reflect these changes. Instead of “12 bottles of juice,” for example, “12 bottles of authorized wic juice” are asked. Hawaii eWIC Vendor Guide (for stand-beside suppliers) Q: Do customers have a choice between WIC controls and eWIC cards? A: No. During the transition, there will be a period during which some participants will have WIC cards and others will continue to take WIC exams. During this transition, WIC suppliers should expect to process both paper and eWIC transactions. However, once the transition is complete, there will only be WIC cards. Q: Do I have to manage upC lists myself? A: No. Integrated eWIC systems and stand-dao terminals are connected to the Hawaii WIC APL file.

However, merchants/managers need to ensure that their system is updated daily. You should also report items that are allowed but not included in the PLA to Hawaii. Hawaii WIC will have a procedure for suppliers to submit UPCs for possible listing in the PLA. Once this process is complete, it will be shared with all WIC suppliers in Hawaii.

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