Country That New Zealand Has A Social Security Agreement With

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q) “third country,” a country other than Australia or New Zealand; (e) payment from third countries of an additional payment under third country legislation is not taken into account unless paragraph 2 applies. During the interview, you (and your partner) will complete an application form with details of your stay in New Zealand. This will help work and income to know how much you should be paid. 1. When an Australian benefit is paid to an individual: Whether under the agreement or otherwise, the rate of that benefit is set in accordance with Australian social security legislation, but in assessing that person`s income, no New Zealand benefit paid to that person is considered income if the person is established in Australia or New Zealand, while the person is staying in Australia or New Zealand or in a third country for a period of temporary absence, or if the person resides in a third country and if an Australian benefit is deducted from the amount payable by New Zealand. In all other cases, each New Zealand benefit received is considered income. Make sure you immediately return your life certificate or renewal form to work and income. Their benefits or pensions are suspended if they are not refunded and cancelled within 8 weeks if they are still not reimbursed after 16 weeks. Australia has a long history of social security agreements with New Zealand from 1944. The revised agreements were implemented in 1949, 1987, 1989, 1995 and 2002.

A waiting period for newly arrived residents (NARWP) also applies to most social security payments. For more information, please see residency criteria 4. If a person is qualified for a accommodation payment under this agreement, that person may receive this payment if that person has a total stay of at least 2 years in Australia and/or New Zealand. (a) verify that the person receiving this benefit is entitled to this benefit under the social security law of the party granting the benefit; 2. Where a person is entitled, subject to this agreement, to receive a benefit under New Zealand`s social security law (including a person who has evidence under paragraph 1 or article 7 or both), but the payment of that benefit depends on his or her presence in New Zealand, that person is considered to be present in New Zealand for the purpose of paying this benefit if he or she usually resides and resides in Australia. (a) in the case of a single person, the amount of the Australian disability pension that should have been paid if that person was entitled to an Australian disability pension but was not entitled to a life support allowance; or (i) that another party, at the request of the first contracting party, pays the amount of these arrears to the first party; and can I choose not to apply for a pension or pension or an allowance or pension from another country if I receive a New Zealand benefit or pension? (b) “benefit” for a contracting party, the benefits listed and defined in section 2 and include, unless otherwise stated, any amount, increase or increase payable in addition to that benefit or to a person entitled under that party`s social security law; 5. Any benefit that a contracting party is required to pay to a person outside that party`s territory under this agreement is paid without deduction for administrative and cost of processing and paying for that benefit.

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