The Least Tern

By stancutler,

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Least Tern (Sternula antillarum)

Least Tern (Sternula antillarum)


I dangle a shiny fish in my dagger beak,
so that the seashore sunshine
flashes on its mirror scales.

The lady least tern sits belly feathers in the sand
facing the sea,
ignoring me.

I clamp the tail,
waggle my fish in the sunshiney ocean breeze

2 terns w fish

I caught this fish
o yes i did
little me, the greatest of least terns
o yes that’s me

I take a step toward
my lady love
o so fine
who stares away
ignoring me

I flick my head,
fast as wing beats,
flashing my trophy
for her to see.

Flicker look at me and my fine fish

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