Victoria Medical Officers Enterprise Agreement

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Other conditions of state allocation: overtime of 1.5 for the first two hours in a week and then all double-time. Night and weekend work allowances, the possibility of allowing non-rusty overtime. Continuing medical training support allowance, 5-week annual leave (assuming a few extra hours), 28 days of leave per cumulative year, up to 8 days of examination leave, up to three weeks of conference leave and 6 months of long service leave after 15 years of service. The agreement applies to all public hospital workers (paid hourly or weekly) in Victoria. It does not apply to those who are independent contractors (i.e. small rural hospitals) or to doctors who are paid “service fees.” Although we felt that all issues should have been negotiated at the hearing on 29 October, we agreed on a conciliation day on 21 November. At this meeting, we will try to negotiate a solution to the problems related to clinical support time and medical training and discuss a pathway for other issues. Once the proposed agreements have been developed, the Department of Health and Human Services will present the proposed agreements for final government approval before a worker vote is held in accordance with the Fair Work Act. Any changes to the current rules will be implemented as soon as possible.

The contracting parties to this agreement agree to meet as soon as possible in order to reach a final agreement by 12 January 2018. Compensation levels: based on several years of experience in this area at different levels. Internally – Level 1, RMO 1 to 3 (corresponds to previous salary levels 2 – 4). Automatic annual progress by the above levels based on satisfactory performance. Resident Medical Officer is defined as a registered physician who has not started in a recognized training program and who is employed as an RMO during the next two or years of relevant experience after graduation. Registrar year 1 to 7 (corresponds to the old salary level 5 – 11). The Registrar is defined as a registered physician who is employed as a clerk. A clerk may be employed with or without a review of the first part of an appropriate technical qualification recognized by the CMA. A Senior Registrar Yr 1 and 2 (corresponding to the previous level 12 or 13) is defined as a registered physician appointed to the position of Senior Registrar or a Registrar who has acquired an appropriate technical qualification acceptable to the CMA, or an equivalent qualification recognized by the Director General of Health. (A registrar moves to level 12 from the date of recognition by the relevant college after having met all the requirements to be admitted to the college scholarship). Considerable progress has been made in the compendium dispute and agreement was reached on Clinical Support Time (CST) and training guides at two conciliation hearings with the Victoria Hospitals` Industrial Association (VHIA) in December.

(Click on the links to view the guides. We expect the agreements to be adopted next week. A bonus/agreement is the basis of all wages and conditions for workers covered by the classifications it contains, i.e. the premium or agreement sets the minimum payments that a doctor receives in training. Other Conditions of the State Award: Unrecognized (do not transfer other leave rights without written agreement) As doctors know, AMA Victoria and ASMOF Victoria have filed a collective dispute with all 37 health services covered by the 2018 Enterprise Specialist Medical Agreement concerning a number of ongoing litigations.

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