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I belong to the World Affairs Council, a small group of alte cockers who enjoy discussing issues of the day. We call ourselves “The Wackos.” Typically, we don’t agree on the spelling – some of us think we’re the “Wacos,” as if we’re a Texas biker gang. We could spell it “Whackos,” as if we’re compulsive mental masturbators.

As I was designing this website, I established three categories of blog: Politics, The Arts, and Peculiar Notions. I have no clue what Peculiar Notions will contain. It’s just a place for strange ideas of the sort that educated people tend to dismiss as insane, sophomoric, addled, absurd, immoral, disgusting, unrealistic, and so on.

This will be an adjective-free zone, a judgment-free place. If you post a comment under someone’s idea, make it substantive. Embellish the idea. Add to it. Twist it. But please don’t judge it.

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