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.. #po_novel_weddingagreement#weddingagreement#weddingagreement_the_novel maybe. Whatever man she is, she must love being women who wear sexy clothes. “Yesterday, did you go somewhere?” I was suffocated, my body froze immediately with the breath. I don`t know where Raka is. I didn`t see it after the show. Also, I don`t want to worry about where he is or what he`s going to do in the future. I know, maybe nightmares will soon haunt my life. I don`t know what ugliness will happen to me during this marriage. At least I protected my parents from debt problems with Raka. As soon as I reached the door of the dining room, I saw Raka sitting at the end of the table and enjoying her breakfast, a cheese sandwich that never changed.

I held back nervously and tried to walk as gently as I could, then I sat in my usual seat. I decided to change clothes, to remove all the decorations that are still glued to my head and that do not forget to remove also the makeup. Bian`s… Men who are in love. There are several types of men in a woman`s love. Bian is one of the men who, if he is in a room, will have trouble forgetting. Like the lyrics of a song, it fell, it can no longer go up. I accidentally scanned my eyes and found a variety of luxurious and noble interiors. Not only in this room, but also in every corner of this great house are all of high quality, describing how rich a Raka is. I wore thin makeup to cover my crumpled face, not to mention, I also added a concieler to cover my panda eyes. I`ll be right in the dining room when I`m done. The corridors I crossed and the wide empty spaces made my traces resonate loudly everywhere in harmony with my slower heart.

After everything that happened, Raka came back to ask me to have lunch together. I was in bed and pressed my head with three pillows at once to stay awake. I`ll wait for him to come later. After everything that`s happened, I`m here. I`m still in front of the big mirror. I didn`t even have time to change. It`s so hard to take that beautiful dress out of my body. I always want to enjoy it. Enjoy the remnants of a wedding party that I only wanted once in my life. Can I imagine it? Can I dream of having a perfect couple life like everyone else? Well, it`s a pity that it`s all in my wishful thinking. How could he love me, he just thought I was nothing but guaranteeing my family`s debts, that`s all.

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