What Is The Agreement Between Manolo And Xibalba

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Pooper: Manolo finds his life, wins Maria`s heart, saves the city. and re-established his friendship with Joaquin. The idyll between Xibalba and La Muerte is also revived and each takes control of his respective kingdom. In short, the story takes place in the Mexican city of San Angel. There are three children named Maria Posada, Manolo Sanchez and Joaquin Mondragon who are best friends. Manolo and Joaquin are both in love with Mary, although I think he would certainly call her “love of puppies”. And while the two boys feel a sense of competition, it doesn`t come between their friendship with each other. In the meantime, they are observed by La Muerte and Xibalba (Ron Perlman), the rulers of the land of the forgotten and the land of the forgotten. (They are the two versions of the afterlife, where the souls of the deceased live in one or the other country, depending on whether they remain in the memory of the land of the living. Xibalba reminded me of Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, although its name reminded me of Sebulba from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.) Xibalba wants to make land with La Muerte (who is his wife, btw), because he really does not like the land of the forgotten. Then he bet with her: if Maria marries Joaquin, they will make countries, but if Maria Manolo marries, he will stop interfering in the lives of mortals.

(This bet seems wrong on so many levels, but… You know how Esken are.) He immediately cheats by giving Joaquin a medal that will make him invincible (but I didn`t really find it that bad because La Muerte gave Manolo his own blessing). But for… And Mary`s father sent her to Spain to be raised by nuns, or whatever. Years pass, and Joaquin (Channing Tatum) becomes the greatest hero of San Angel and spends most of his time going to other villages, fighting banditos and what is not. Meanwhile, Manolo (Diego Luna) wants to become a musician, but he`s a Sanchez… And everyone in his family has always been a bullfighter. He`s pretty awesome, but he doesn`t want to kill cops, so it`s a disappointment for his family. Finally, Maria (Zoe Saldana) returns to San Angel, and Manolo and Joaquin immediately rekindle their rivalry for their affection. It seems pretty clear that the audience is supposed to be rooted for Manolo, the one who is supposed to be “purely hearty”.

But frankly… They are both good boys, and they are both flawed, with some kind of sexist attitude (although Joaquin seems more sexist). Maria seems to be a feminist, that`s for sure. She is clearly confident, strong and intelligent, and she will not just fall into the trap of one of the two guys. Although she loves them both as friends, and I guess she probably didn`t get a chance to meet anyone else. And each of them has its own advantages. Like what, she appreciates the fact that Manolo did not kill the bull he was fighting. And Joaquin protects San Angel from a gang of bandits, led by a certain Chakal (who previously owned the medal that Xibalba gave to Joaquin years ago).

Besides, what`s the bet between xibalba and Joaquin? Next door, why does xibalba live in the land of the forgotten? and… You know… A lot of other things are happening, and I don`t want to say how it all turns out. But it`s just a very funny movie, and I love all the different topics or lessons, or whatever, and all the bits that warm the heart, and all those crazy bits, and…

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