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Keeping seniors healthy and safe stands out as one of the main assisted living benefits that spurs caregivers to seek a new home for their loved one. With that in mind, The Living Caregiver is partnering with our local seniors and community agencies to offer our new community community residents an opportunity to enjoy the unique living space they will no longer have.

The Living Caregiver will offer residents of their new home the opportunity to access their new private bedroom and bathrooms, an individual walk-in closet, a full-size dining room, and even their own private balcony to enjoy the beautiful outdoor spaces that seniors prefer, also there are some great options for this you can find at sites such as

As a part of the redevelopment, one of the units will become a retirement home for older residents (visit this site to know more about senior living communities).

“I’m delighted that our new senior home will now be able to offer residents the lifestyle and comforts they deserve,” said City of Toronto Deputy Mayor Pam McConnell. “The seniors who live here today will have access to the very best of living in the best city in the world.”

The City has spent the last three years planning and designing the project. The new senior home will have a budget of $13 million, of which $10 million will come from the City. The remaining $4.3 million will come from the private sector and $3.3 million from other funds. The design of the home will include a two-storey library, pool, gymnasium, library, fitness center, and a children’s play area. The project will also include a green roof, as well as a solar powered electrical system, energy efficient windows, solar panels and a roof garden.

As of now the house has been purchased with funds from the public but the developer and the buyer have yet to be announced.

The news came as no surprise to the property’s owner, Robert Meehan, who said he has been on the hunt for a large house for nearly a decade.

“We’ve been looking for a couple of years but the city’s always been one of our last destinations,” he said. “The opportunity to be at a waterfront location like that and surrounded by people who are interested in that, it’s very appealing to us. The building and the property is right on the water.”

Meehan was among a dozen residents on hand Wednesday to watch an open house, and after walking past the new construction, he’s ready to move in.

“This is definitely the best looking property we’ve ever seen,” he said. “It’s very exciting.”

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