Simple Software Licence Agreement

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Also add a link to the screen for initial installation or download to allow users to access the EULA before accessing your software/app. Guarantees mean nothing without adequate remedies. Remedies for breach of contracts should be appropriately described. A lawyer can help you determine which remedies may be appropriate. The licensor should refuse all warranties, except those expressly defined in the license agreement. If licensor does not express all other warranties, licensor may be liable that the licensed software does not conform to the market or use for which it is intended by the licensee. Generally speaking, an agreement with the general terms and conditions covers more topics and is much broader than an ITA. An end user license agreement gives users the right to use the software and only covers issues related to the software license. “Agreement” includes that Agreement and its schedules and drivers. Payment – How and when should royalties be paid to the licensor? Clickwrap means that users actively click on something, whether it`s a control box or an options field, to show that they clearly agree with something. Here`s an example of how you can let the user click on an options field to view the agreement: In every license agreement, it`s also important to include a provision that grants a financial refund to the licensee if a repair or replacement doesn`t have its primary purpose. Where a court finds that the licensor`s guarantee “has not achieved its essential purpose”, i.e.: if the licensor has not made available to the licensee a viable remedy, some courts will lift the contractual exclusion of consequential damages suffered by the licensee, which could constitute unlimited liability on behalf of the licensor.

The software is protected by copyright as a literary work under 17 U.S.C§ 107(a)(1). Therefore, the basis of a software license agreement is the grant of a copyright license to the licensee; Use of the Software is subject to Licensee accepting and complying with the terms of the Software License Agreement, and the License sometimes contains limited rights for reproduction of the Software for licensee`s internal use….

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