The first book of The Rubin Family / Dave Levitan Series, in which Al Rubin establishes his power and influence.

In 1929 Atlantic City, gangsters and politicians answer to Enoch ‘Nucky’ Johnson, the Czar of The Ritz. In Washington, J. Edgar Hoover sets out to end Nucky’s reign. Nucky hatches a plan to neutralize Hoover with blackmail photos taken when the young FBI Director comes to an Atlantic City hotel for Decoration Day celebrations.

Al Rubin, a studio photographer, is promised a lucrative lease on an entertainment pier to set up the shoot and snap the shots. Hoover discovers the plot and sets off in pursuit of Al, who tries to disappear in the sin city of the Jazz Age.More is at stake than the ordinary life of one thoughtful photographer − the American justice system’s balance of power rides on the ingenious outcome of a suspenseful, entertaining story.

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KILLER MATH, a Dave Levitan Mystery

In 1946, Dave Levitan investigates the murder of an atomic scientist and computer pioneer who’d been strangled in an Atlantic City hotel room. An ex-ACPD cop working as a civilian Coast Guard investigator, Levitan struggles against the interference of the Secretary of State, a 3-star General, and the FBI Director. A combat veteran of the Spanish Civil War, Levitan discovers the perfect spy hidden inside the Manhattan Project. When the killer’s lover is unjustly arrested, Levitan challenges J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI to obtain her freedom. Through it all, he struggles to win the loyalty of his extraordinary wife, a gifted musician seduced by the allure of success.

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A wide-ranging exploration of the changes in American politics and society using the tools of rhetorical criticism. As a benchmark, the historic 1948 Democratic Party Convention provides a way to understand the effects of the State Primary Elections and communication technologies on democratic institutions and public discourse.

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KNOTS, a novel of discovery

A young family of American vagabonds is traveling in a trailer through Mexico until Daddy can figure out what to do with the rest of his life. The parents are Elvis-era puritans in a new age of drugs, hippies, communes, and sexual revolution – seekers who have no idea what they’re seeking.

MICHAEL is dissatisfied with a wife he should not have married, quit a good job when he was no longer draft bait. In a Yucatan jungle pool, he makes the final, remarkable discovery of his quest, closing the circle he’d begun when a one-armed man introduced him to Taoism.

KAREN suffers her husband’s dissatisfaction, resentful that he’d dropped out, worried about divorce. She has a wildly erotic affair with a cowboy, a fellow traveler on Mexico’s Gringo Trail. As Michael is diving in the pool, she sits in a coconut palm grove, watching dolphins in the surf, writing a letter home, telling of her plans.

HANNAH, their daughter, celebrates her fifth birthday at a campground near the ruined city of Palenque. Observant and thoughtful, the child tries to understand her unstable life.

This is a story of discovery, of reinvention, of different of kinds of truth: a woman’s, a man’s, and a child’s.

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