Woman Unjustly Accused Of Financial Fraud

Cyber detective Roy Landis is on a mission to prove the innocence of his lover, Tina Sigmundsdottir. Her company accused her of hacking their accounting system, of diverting payments from the accounting system into her pockets. To exonerate her, Landis unravels a web of cyber fraud. As he closes in on the thieves, he wonders if he can “salvage” the stolen millions for himself. He’s a hacker in a gray hat, a knight in tarnished armor saving a damsel in distress. He discovers that the hack was worldwide and embedded in the commercial software used by thousands of organizations worldwide. His investigation triggers a vicious murder and attempts on his life. Can he evade the killers, recover the money and prove his lover innocent of the greatest criminal exploit since the invention of the computer?

Keywords: phish, cybercrime, fraud, financial, accounting, fraudulent, wire transfers, fake payee, software, ACH, transactions, black hat, white hat, gray hat, hacker