Cold War Atomic Scientist Vanishes

George Koyne, an Iowa-born scientist, disappears in 1948.  Concerned that the missing man might be a Soviet spy, the feds dispatch top investigator Dave Levitan to track him down. Levitan discovers Koyne’s secret biography, an astonishing story of a Jewish American life churned by global politics. Levitan’s dogged hunt takes surprising turns, finally onto an ocean liner bound for France. The future of the nuclear world hangs on the outcome of their fateful, storm-tossed confrontation. What part does the missing scientist play in the first contests of the Cold War? Is Koyne on a vacation to Europe or an assignment to Moscow? Will Levitan uncover the truth before it is too late?

Keywords: cold war, soviet, spies, CIA, army intelligence, FBI, SS America, atomic secrets, atom bomb, polonium trigger, Israel, 1948, Clark Clifford, Dayton Project, Manhattan Project, Delmar, George Koval, historical, espionage, thriller